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  • 33.   S. H. Cho, J. Lee, M. J. Lee, H. J. Kim, S.-M. Lee*, and K. C. Choi*, “Plasmonically engineered textile polymer solar cells for high-performance, wearable photovoltaics”, submitted (2018). (*co-corresponding authors) LINK
  • 32.   H. Chen, S. -M. Lee, A. Montenegro, D. Kang, B. Gai, H. Lim, M. Lee, A. Benderskii, J. Yoon*, “Plasmonically enhanced spectral upconversion for improved performance of GaAs solar cells under non-concentrated solar illumination”, ACS Photonics, accepted (2018). LINK
  • 31.   S. -M. Lee, P. Dhar, H. Chen, A. Montenegro, L. Liaw, D. Kang, B. Gai, A. V. Benderskii, and J. Yoon*, “Synergistically enhanced performance of ultrathin nanostructured silicon solar cells embedded in plasmonically assisted, multispectral luminescent waveguides”, ACS Nano 11, 4077-4085 (2017). LINK
  • 30.   S. -M. Lee, J. H. Kwon, S. Kwon, and K. C. Choi*, “A review of flexible OLEDs toward highly durable unusual displays”, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 64, 1922-1931 (2017). (invited review article) LINK
  • 29.   D. Kang, B. Gai, B. Thompson, S. -M. Lee, N. Malmstadt, and J. Yoon*, “Flexible opto-fluidic fluorescence sensors based on heterogeneously integrated micro-VCSELs and silicon photodiodes”, ACS Photonics 3, 912-918 (2016). (Front Cover) LINK
  • 28.   L. Shen, C. He, J. Qiu, S. -M. Lee, S. Cronin, M. P. Stoykovich, and J. Yoon*, “Nanostructured silicon photocathodes for solar water splitting patterned by the self-assembly of lamellar block copolymers”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7, 26043–26049 (2015). LINK
  • 27.   S. -M. Lee, W. Li, P. Dhar, S. Malyk, Y. Wang, W. Lee, A. Benderskii, and J. Yoon*, “High-performance flexible nanostructured silicon solar modules with plasmonically engineered upconversion medium”, Advanced Energy Materials 5, 1500761 (2015). (Inside Front Cover) LINK
  • 26.   S. -M. Lee+, A. Kwong+, D. Jung, J. Faucher, R. Biswas, L. Shen, D. Kang, M. L. Lee*, and J. Yoon*, “High performance ultrathin GaAs solar cells enabled with heterogeneously integrated dielectric periodic nanostructures”, ACS Nano 9, 10356-10365 (2015). (+authors contributed equally) LINK
  • 25.   J. Yoon*, S. -M. Lee, D. Kang, M. A. Meitl, C. A. Bower, and J. A. Rogers*, “Heterogeneously integrated optoelectronic devices enabled by micro-transfer printing”, Advanced Optical Materials 3, 1313-1335 (2015). (invited review article) LINK
  • 24.   S. -M. Lee, Y. Cho, D. -Y. Kim, J. -S. Chae, and K. C. Choi*, “Enhanced light extraction from mechanically flexible, nanostructured organic light-emitting diodes with plasmonic nanomesh electrodes”, Advanced Optical Materials 3, 1240-1247 (2015). (Back Cover) LINK