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Our group pursues to investigate unlimited, emerging optoelectronic devices including solar cells,
displays, and sensors, with objectives of creating novel functions and enhancing the performance
by exploiting nanophotonic materials and unconventional process schemes.

Emerging Photovoltaics in Territorial/Aerospace Environments

We are studying high-performance, flexible/wearable/transparent solar cells based on inorganic (silicon, III-V),
organic (polymer), or hybrid (perovskite) materials.

Implementing methods are

  • (1) nanophotonic structures for efficient light-trapping
  • (2) energy conversion materials
  • (3) transfer-printing technique for integration on unusual substrates.

Thermophotovoltaics are also studied as a research topic for high-temperature energy systems.

  • (1) Nanophotonic emitters comprising metallic/non-metallic materials
  • (2) near-field phonon coupling are explored.

Emerging Displays & Lightings

Here we are working on developing high-performance, flexible/wearable/transparent display systems and
their components.

Approaches considered in this topic are

  • (1) low-resistive, transparent and flexible electrodes,
  • (2) nanophotonic structures for enhanced light extraction efficiency of organic or inorganic LEDs,
  • (3) fiber/fabric LEDs for addressable textile displays
  • (4) novel designs for stretchable LEDs.

Ultrafine, sub-micron color imaging devices are explored by metaphotonic management for super-definition
VR/AR systems and informative tiny robotics.

Flexible Lasers & Sensors

Flexible lasers and optical/radiation detectors are studied, especially with the following sub-topics.

  • (1) transfer-printed, flexible III-V VCSELs
  • (2) flexible radiation (X-ray, gamma-ray) detectors (indirect, direct types)
  • (3) wavelength-selective nanophotonic reflectors
  • (4) near-IR phototeraphy systems.